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Meditation Retreat Venue Village Farm Resort

If you love peace and would like to experience inner peace to create world peace, come and join us in the 1-month training program in Thailand and 11-month peace mission in Thailand or in 6 continental destinations around the world.

Why World Peace is needed now?

Due to the surge of various negativities in the world ranging from political and financial instability, poverty and social inequality, climate change, racial and religious conflicts, violence and terrorism, we are in an urgent mode to bring peace to the world. Without “Peace and Wisdom” in the mind of people, “Greed, Hatred and Delusion” are taking over the world.

It is a vision of the Current Highest Master of The Middle Way Meditation, “Luang Por Dhammajayo” (Ven. Dhammajayo Bhikkhu) that to bring true and everlasting peace to the world, every individual in this world regardless of races and religions, from regular citizen to the leader of the nation, need to experience “Inner Peace.” Through the daily practice of inner peace, each individual will be able to release stress and tension in life and open the door for “Wisdom and Compassion” to come in. When everyone attains universal inner peace, the lasting world peace is possible. Then, it comes the key message of The Middle Way Meditation Institute (MMI), “World Peace through Inner Peace”.

What will we do to create World Peace?

After a great success of Global Light of Peace 2017 (GLOP 2017) on 5 September 2017, with more than 50,000 people from 6 continents around the world joining both on-site and online in our global meditation session for world peace, MMI is planning to move even stronger for World Peace in Year 2018. The theme of GLOP 2017 was “6 Cities, 6 Continents, 1 Celebration” which the event have been organized simultaneously in 6 locations around the world: New York City – USA for North America, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil for South America, Barcelona – Spain for Europe, Maputo – Mozambique for Africa, Iloilo City – The Philippines for Asia and Sydney – Australia for Oceania.

In Year 2018, we aim to expand the network of “Inner Peace Leaders” to cover more areas around the world with the theme “101 Cities, 24 Time Zones, 1 Hour for World Peace.” On full-moon day of 24 September 2018, we will invite peace lovers from 101 major cites around the world to create World Peace through Inner Peace at the same local time from 07.30 – 08.30 pm. of each city. We will start from the first time zone (New Zealand: GMT +12) in which people in those cities experience sunset before the rest of the world and will proceed our global peace activities to the following time zones and continue to the last time zone (United State Minor Outlying Islands: GMT -12). This unique peace event will become the first peace event that happen across the world through 24 Time Zones in 1 Day (24 Hours).

Who can make World Peace happen?

In order to make this Once-in-a-lifetime experience of World Peace through Inner Peace to mankind become a reality in 2018. We need a team of peace-loving and hardworking individuals to work together as “One Team, One Heart, One Goal” for World Peace. People of all races and religions are welcome to work together to create World Peace. There are several positions at MMI that might suit your passion and skills.


General qualification for all positions

1. Age range: 21-50 years old
2. A graduate of Bachelor degree
3. Be interested in meditation and sharing peace to the world
4. Can work as full time staff for 1 year
5. Can work well as a team, has friendly character
6. Non-smoker and non-alcohol drinker
7. Has basic English language skills and basic computer skills
8. Be physically fit for the job
9. Be able to practice eight mindfulness practices

Eight mindfulness practices

The eight mindfulness practices are the good living guidelines, which are observed by laypeople at MMI. They are especially supportive to meditation practice. They help meditator to have a peaceful mind, not be distracted from external things so that they can keep their focus well at the center of the body. They are:

1. Not to kill
2. Not to steal
3. Not to engage in sexual relationship physically, verbally and mentally
4. Not to give false speech (lies, harsh speech, divisive speech and idle chat)
5. Not to take intoxicants (alcohol, tobacco and drugs)
6. Not to eat food between noon and the following dawn
7. Not to sing, dance or watch entertainments, and not to use ornaments,
cosmetics or perfumes
8. Not to lie on high or luxurious sleeping place

Documents for Application
1. Application form
2. 2 Photos of 2 inches × 2 inches
3. Transcript of education record

Benefits from MMI
1. A Training in Thailand
2. Accommodation and food
3. Basic health care
4. Monthly allowance

Period of program: 8 January – 31 December 2018
For more information of the program, please contact Ms. Jintana, 099-889-5172


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