Retreat Preparation

Preparation for The Meditation Retreat

After reading the guidelines for joining the retreat and completing the application form, then you are ready to go. Recommendations for the preparation of personal belongings are as follows:

What to Bring

– Personal items, bathing equipment and towels
– Personal medication
– Warm clothing and footwear for cold weather (average low is 15-20C)
– Loose, simple, and comfortable clothing, preferably in white or light colors (Sleeveless shirts, shorts, tights and leggings, see-through, tight-fitting or revealing clothing should not be worn in the retreat center)
– Individual bottle / flask for water
– Flashlight with batteries

What Not To Bring

– Alcohol and tobacco
– Pets
– Computers
– Jewelry and high-priced decorative items


Peace Education

Peace Event

Meditation Retreat


Who we are

Our Vision


Organization Accomplishment



Inner Peacemaker #4

1-Year Volunteer for Peace Mission

Deadline: 01 July 2019

3-Day Meditation Retreat at Pai

Deadline: 10 June 2019


The Middle Way Meditation Institute or MMI is a global non-profit educational organization that promotes and develops world peace through inner peace. MMI offers inner peace education via several training programs for youth, adults, and organizations, based on the spiritual and scientific confluence. We organize various cultural activities to promote peace and unity among people of different races, nationalities, and religions.

Portrait of 3 day meditation retreat at Pai

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