Retreat Schedule

Program Schedule

3-Day Meditation Retreat at Pai

11 – 14 June 2019

09 – 12 July 2019

15 – 18 October 2019

10 – 13 December 2019

7-Day Meditation Retreat at Pai

15 – 21 August 2019

19 – 25 November 2019

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Our Participants

First time with the Middle Way retreat. I had good expereince of meditation on the 3rd day, saw brightness in the center of my body and experienced body expanding. I also felt peaceful and happy energy spreading from the center throughout the body. Muktawan retreat is the gorgeous, beautiful nature. Everyone should be here.

Karen Ho

Hong Kong

The experience was really authentic and raw. The teaching monks were really awesome. They had different styles and methods. They’ve all been very inspirational in terms of all the lessons that they’ve provided. I felt myself change a lot from just sharing the experiences with the group itself.

Lucy Lin

Sydney Australia

The Retreat was well organized, the staff and monks are amazing. I got amazing experiences in my meditation practice. I have been here 4 times already. I highly recommend.



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