The Global Light of Peace 2017

In the midst of all the conflicts in the world, the attainment of peace has become a pressing concern. Many attempts to address the issue have been done but still chaos, inequalities and violence remain. An alternative option is being promoted by the Middle Way Meditation Institute (MMI), a Thailand and Philippine-based organization that focuses on inner peace education. MMI believes that if each person has inner peace, attaining world peace is possible.

Working on the premise of World Peace through Inner Peace, MMI have taken various initiatives such as conducting meditation retreats and peace education programs in the family, school and community settings as well as peace events like the Light of Peace, two of which are in the Guinness Book of World Records, to create awareness for the need to have inner peace.

This year on September 5, 2017, MMI, together with co-presentors and partners, will again have another attempt at breaking a Guinness Book of World Records this time for the largest online meditation lesson. To connect a million people from the six continents of the world to meditate simultaneously for world peace. The main event dubbed as the Global Light of Peace 2017 and will be done via live telecast will be in New York City, USA (North America), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, (South America), Barcelona, Spain (Europe), Maputo, Mozambique (Africa), Iloilo City, Philippines (Asia) and Sydney, Australia (Oceania).

global light of peace 2017