Inner Peace Education

Inner Peace Education (IPE) is a scientific, systematic, simplified and result-oriented approach to eastern wisdom, personal development, and meditation. IPE is an internal “software” of wisdom available to all mankind. It allows any person regardless of race or religion to access and attain true happiness; resulting in a peaceful and purposeful life.

The 8-Week Inner Peace Development Courese

is a program taught by Buddhist monks to help you develop an Inner Peace Life. The Inner Peace Life consists of having a healthy body (PQ), a caring heart (EQ,) an intelligent mind (IQ), and an enlightened spirit (SQ). You will receive ancient wisdom with practical tools to cultivate inner peace.

What is Inner Peace Education?

MMI-USA Education Center (New York)

309 W 99th St, #2B1 New York, NY 10025


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Inner Peacemaker #4

1-Year Volunteer for Peace Mission

Deadline: 01 July 2019

3-Day Meditation Retreat at Pai

Deadline: 10 June 2019


The Middle Way Meditation Institute or MMI is a global non-profit educational organization that promotes and develops world peace through inner peace. MMI offers inner peace education via several training programs for youth, adults, and organizations, based on the spiritual and scientific confluence. We organize various cultural activities to promote peace and unity among people of different races, nationalities, and religions.

Portrait of 3 day meditation retreat at Pai

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