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The international phenomenon – aiming to promote Nepal as a destination of lifetime experiences for peace lovers from around the world

MOU Singing 

February 15, 2019: In a major move to raise global awareness to visit Nepal in 2020, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is historically signed by 10 organizations to cooperatively hold 1,119 Novices Ordination Program and Light of Peace in Nepal 2019.

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Light of Peace in Nepal 2019

The MOU signing ceremony, which is held at Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), on February 15, is signed by representatives from Akhil Nepal Bhikkhu Association (ANBA), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Dharmodaya Sabha, Lumbini Development Trust (LDT), Young Men Buddhist Association (YMBA), Shree Shakya Singha Vihar, Aksheswor Mahabihar, Hiranyabarna Mahavihar, Dharmasthali International Meditation Centre and The Middle Way Meditation Institute (MMI)

In an attempt to promote “Lumbini” as a world destination for Buddhists and Non-Buddhists who are attracted to Buddha’s teaching from around the world, the historical 1,119 novices ordination will happen on Friday, March 1, 2019 around 06.00 am at Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha. The full ordination program starts from February, 23 to March 17, 2019. Any interested ones to join this once-in-a-lifetime program, can contact 9823353455, 9843058805, 015524760

Approaching the end of the program, on Saturday, March 16, 2019 around 04.00 pm at Tundikhel, Kathmandhu, first-time ever “Light of Peace in Nepal 2019” will be organized to welcome more than 10,000 people of all religious backgrounds including 1,119 novices to meditate and light candles to celebrate “World Peace through Inner Peace”. Distinguished guests to join this memorable event includes Hon. Nanda Bahadur Pun, Vice President and Hon. Rabindra Adhikari, Minister of Tourism Culture and Civil Aviation. Any interested ones to join this event, please contact 9851024445, 9801024445.

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2018 Preview

The “World Inner Peace Celebration 2018 “ event was held in 6 continents on September 22nd, 2018 to celebrate the International Day of Peace, the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and Inner Peace Education and Practice. (New York, USA; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Lisbon, Portugal; Maputo, Mozambique; Iloilo City, Philippines; Sydney, Australia)

This year on Saturday, 22 September 2018, we are excited to move our World Peace through Inner Peace Model to the next level of impact by creating an Inner Peace Program with “3-in-1 Approach”. First of all, we will celebrate “International Day of Peace” which will fall on 21 September, 2018, just one day before our special event since we are convinced that a true lasting world peace will only come from inside human mind. Secondly, we will promote “Sustainable Development Goals” on this special day expecting thousands of people in each city to join and realize the importance of SDGs for their lives, their families, their countries and for our beloved planet. And thirdly, we will introduce “Inner Peace Education and Practice” to the world.


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Deadline: 01 July 2019

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Deadline: 10 June 2019

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Deadline: 15 August 2019


The Middle Way Meditation Institute or MMI is a global non-profit educational organization that promotes and develops world peace through inner peace. MMI offers inner peace education via several training programs for youth, adults, and organizations, based on the spiritual and scientific confluence. We organize various cultural activities to promote peace and unity among people of different races, nationalities, and religions.