International Middle Way 3-Day Meditation n7

On 28th – 30th July 2015, The Middle Way Meditation Institute organized the International Middle Way Three-Day Meditation retreat, for the 3rd time at POP HOUSE, in Bann Suan Tawan Dhamma. This gave an opportunity to foreigners who love inner peace to come and practice basic meditation and learn Dhamma that is universal for all, so they can use the knowledge to benefit their daily lives.

This project has attracted many foreigners from Vietnam, China, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Kingdom of Tonga. Meditation sessions were kindly led by Venerable Phisit Jittasuttho – Deputy Head of the Middle Way Meditation Institution, and Venerable Chayanon Kijjanantho – Teaching monk of the Institute.

This time, the participants were trained to meditate and learned the principles of universal goodness. They also learned valuable Buddhist cultures such as paying respect to monks, cleaning thoroughly, and placing shoes in an orderly row. Thus, everyone could adapt this knowledge and utilize it in their daily lives in their own countries. Moreover, the teaching monks taught Dhamma principles that helped participants develop their meditation further.

In addition, this project offered a variety of special and valuable events including yoga, blowing bubbles, food offering to monks in the Buddhist Tradition, and the sharing of meditative experiences amongst participants. The teaching monk suggested solutions to meditation obstacles. This made each participant progress in their meditation. Participants had a chance to visit Wat Phra Dhammakaya and take a group photograph as a souvenir of their experiences.

The next meditation program will be organized at POP House, Bann Suan Tawan Dhamma, from 25th – 27th August 2015. Anyone can invite their foreign friends to join this program at or call (+66) -82-3333-082.

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