“Anger” a human emotion conveyed to said message. No one is devoid of not feeling this emotion. The more you try to push it, the more it comes towards you. There is nothing wrong with feeling anger but one should know how to come to terms with it.

While it has fueled some of the great leaders in the world to make changes in the system for humanity, however it is also the reason for wrecked relationships, serious crimes, work problems and an overall decline in the quality of life.

Anger causes not only the external problems of leaving scars to your loved ones and a hurdle to your professional life but it is a serious threat to your internal health too. Anger devours much of your mental energy leading to stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and distraction. One is also more in risk of high blood pressure, heart diseases, weak immune system and break down of the nervous system.
There is a very common myth related to anger that says one cannot control anger. But the fact is one might not be able to control the situation but the emotions that arise out of the situation can be controlled.

But how does practicing Meditation reduce Anger?

Meditation increases healthy serotonin levels in the brain which creates more awareness reducing the chances of doing or saying something harsh in anger. Meditation boosts the calm hormones. The feeling of anger generally causes physical responses like an increase in the blood pressure, stress in the mind and increase in heart rate. It causes all mental, emotional and physical turmoil. Meditation provides a serene and calm thought process harmonizing the dangerous hormones with healthy hormones.

Basically, Meditation replaces anger with compassion.

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