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Global Events

MMI create global outreach events and activities to include “1 Billion People” to bring awareness of Global Happiness

3-Day Meditation Retreat

POP House near Bangkok
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Right & Wrong Meditation Practice

People overlook the fact that suffering lies inside the mind (rather than outside it) and therefore must be dealt with inside the mind, not in the body or outside body and mind. Many misunderstand that drinking, taking drugs and roaming from one place of entertainment...

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What are the differences of Happiness and Pleasure?

True happiness is easier to obtain than you might think. It is much easier than owning a dream house, marrying a dream girl, or getting a dream job, etc. Where is it? Why is it that everybody of every race and religion is searching for it, but few people have ever...

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Our Participants
I had a wonderful experience here, at moment, the feeling of oneness and positivities with the world. The teaching monks have put a lot of thoughts in the lessons, the facilities are good and mental environment for meditation. William Greenburg

United State

The experience was really authentic and raw. The teaching monks were really awesome. They had different styles and methods. They’ve all been very inspirational in terms of all the lessons that they’ve provided. I felt myself change a lot from just sharing the experiences with the group itself. Lucy Lin

Sydney Australia

My Third time at Muktawan retreat in 10 months. I love it here. Things I learned at The Middle Way have given me the opportunity to find the balance that I needed. Meditation helps me to find my center, calm, focus on important things in life and appreciate on all the beauty of things around us instead of being negative. Amanda Hogen