3-Day Meditation Retreat POP House

meditation retreat

We welcome you to join our 3-day meditation retreat. During your days with us, you will learn how to meditate to relax both the mind and body amidst the peaceful, natural environment and family atmosphere.

Practicing meditation alone may reduce suffering in one’s life, but may never lead to the realization of the immanent self (Atman or soul) beyond name and form. And self-inquiry on it’s own may bring a recognition of one’s true self, but if the habit patterns of the mind have not been cleaned and purified, then one usually loses the experience and falls back into conditioned behaviors. Practising both simultaneously is a way to clean and purify the human vessel to house the awakened self permanently. The Meditation that comes and goes is not the true Meditation.

A meditation retreat is an opportunity to move out of the endless patterns of doing to experience simply being; to become a true human-being as opposed to a human-doing. It is not an escape from your life, nor is it a holiday or time for relaxation, but rather it can be likened to doing deep surgery on one’s entire being.


Retreat Program Dates:

10-Apr-2018 to 12-Apr-2018           3-Day Retreat #38

22-May-2018 to 25-May-2018         3-Day Retreat #39

12-Jun-2018 to 14-Jun-2018           3-Day Retreat #40

14-Aug-2018 to 16-Aug-2018          3-Day Retreat #41

13-Nov-2018 to 15-Nov-2018          3-Day Retreat #42

11-Dec-2018 to 13-Dec-2018          3-Day Retreat #43

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