GLOP 2017 Brazil

Global Light of Peace 2017

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GLOP 2017 Mozambique

Global Light of Peace 2017

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GLOP 2017 Philippines

Global Light of Peace 2017

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GLOP 2017 Australia

Global Light of Peace 2017

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3-Day Retreat at POP House

10-Apr-2018 to 12-Apr-2018
3-Day Retreat #38Crystal Ball
22-May-2018 to 25-May-2018
3-Day Retreat #39
12-Jun-2018 to 14-Jun-2018
3-Day Retreat #40
14-Aug-2018 to 16-Aug-2018
3-Day Retreat #41
13-Nov-2018 to 15-Nov-2018
3-Day Retreat #42
11-Dec-2018 to 13-Dec-2018
3-Day Retreat #43

World Inner Peace Conference 2017

The Middle Way Meditation Institute or MMI is committed to organizing “World Inner Peace Conference 2017” in 6 continents to celebrate World Peace: USA for North America, Brazil for South America, Spain for Europe, Mozambique for Africa, Australia for Oceania and The Philippines for Asia. The Philippines, a pioneering country for “World Peace through Inner Peace” will also take another important role as a central stage of the event to be broadcasted globally to 6 continents on 5 September 2017. We are deeply convinced that 2017 is a great year for world peace starting from the ordinary people like us to move society towards an extraordinary dream of “World Peace through Inner Peace.” All people from all walks of life both youth and adults and all organizations who love peace are more than welcome to work with MMI towards a better and happier world for us all.  

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